Last Updated 12.19.2015

What is Pony Club?

An organization devoted to teaching youth horsemanship, riding skills, horse knowledge, and safety. Pony Club helps develop its young riders (from 6-25) as solid, well-rounded horse people. Horse sports offered in Pony Club include tetrathlon, games, polocrosse, dressage, stadium jumping, vaulting, and eventing. For a more detailed description of the United States Pony Clubs, visit

Do I have what it takes to be a Pony Clubber?

If you are under 25, have access to a horse or pony, and want to learn as much as you can about horses, then the answer is yes.

Do I need a trailer, trainer, or a certain breed of horse?

Pony Clubbers will often band together to carpool to rallies and mounteds. So, despite the usefulness of having your own trailer, it is possible to be a Pony Clubber without owning a trailer. As far as trainers go, HVHPC provides mounted instruction for D1-C1 Pony Clubbers. However, we do ask that you have at least some basic instruction in riding before you join. After you have basic skills, we can do much more for you. Horses can be any breed, and just because it's called Pony Club doesn't mean you need to ride a pony! From Fallabellas to Hanoverians, Pony Club horses range the spectrum. Pony Club mounts must be at least 5 years old, and no stallions are allowed.

What's so special about HVHPC and Pony Club?

We're special in that we're a close-knit club where everybody knows each other. At rallies, our members support and encourage each other throughout the day. Members form such good bonds that they will even ride together and do activities outside of Pony Club. All in all, Pony Club helps children establish good relationships and fosters a secure, fun learning environment.

How is HVHPC organized?

We have a District Commissioner ("DC") and a Jt. DC that lead our club. They are adults who dedicate their time to providing a leadership role and keeping our club involved in the general workings of the region and the USPC. Our DC and Jt. DC are supported by the Senior Board of adults who handle such tasks as the newsletter and membership. Then we have a Junior Board to run meetings and give back to the club in addition to being members. Overall, HVHPC is a part of the Eastern Pennsylvania Region. There are many different regions of the United States Pony Club, Inc., including some international chapters.

What is a mounted?

Basically, it's a riding lesson. The club utilizes the skills of several well-qualified instructors through out the year to provide group instruction on weekends through the year. Each mounted is divided into different lesson groups according to the skill level and rating of the members attending.

What is a bookwork meeting?

A un-mounted lesson that teaches you horsemanship, general horse knowledge, or specific skills. Sometimes bookwork meetings focus on bandaging for example, while others may include a guest speaker such as a chiropractor.

What style of riding does Pony Club teach?

We teach English style with an emphasis on centered, balanced riding. Specific sports you can participate in are included in the question, "What is Pony Club?", found at the beginning of this page. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate disciplines such as Western or Saddle-seat at this time.

What is a rally?

In simplest terms, a rally is a horse show. HVHPC sends multiple teams of Pony Clubbers down to a rally with a specific sport. For instance, we have a Show Jumping Rally, a Dressage Rally, etc. Rallies run for the entire day, and while parents are allowed to help their child set up, they are forbidden to help during the duration of the actual rally. This "hands-off" approach fosters independence and teamwork. For more information, you may wish to check out our rally pages where we have detailed survival guides to specific rallies.

What is required of a member and his/her parents or legal guardian?

Members are required to pay dues to the club as well as the USPC on the regional and national level. Information about dues is sent with a membership packet. Parents are instrumental to Pony Club and are asked to volunteer for at least 2 HVHPC related activities such as our tack sale or hunter pace. Parents also may go to rallies and volunteer during the day while the children are riding. This allows the time to pass since parents are forbidden to talk to their children during the rally. Basically, we ask that you be willing and dedicated to devoting as much of your time as possible to Pony Club. It is a fantastic organization that thrives with volunteers and helpful souls!

Whom do I contact to join HVHPC?

Yay! We're very pleased to have you join us. You may contact us for information. Our contact information is provided on our home page.

What if my question isn't listed here?

First, we recommend touring the USPC website, It provides in depth information and is a valuable resource. If your question is still not answered, you may contact our DC or Jt. DC. Again, contact information is located on our home page.